Germano Gambini Collection

It stems from a long history and looks towards the future. The values, the tradition, new ideas and the capacity to expand a style: this is the new Germano Gambini Eyewear Collection. As the personality game has different faces to express, Germano Gambini unravels in collection capsules with different inspiration: for the pleasure of interpreting new roles, to continue to amaze and try and inspire.

Declare yourself with your eyes…
Having something to tell, no words needed.
Share the everyday life with your style.

The ‘light’ collection was created by Germano Gambini in the 70s, with the goal of giving life to a frame that did not cover the face, but that would enhance its features. Simple, essential lines, original shapes, lively colors. “Germano Gambini’s light collection” are lightweight eyeglasses, which fit every face and at a reasonable price. Most of the eyeglasses for men and women are made with the new innovative M49 material, produced by Mazzucchelli 1949, totally biodegradable.
The new CRYSTALS collection reinterpret in a contemporary way themes and experiments that have strongly characterized GERMANO GAMBINI’s history. The inspiration is the idea of a young woman sophisticated, contemporary and aware that invests in its own image and who likes to be glamorous. Each model is characterized by the name of a character of the silver screen to emphasize its personality: a modern heroine who brings along a complex imagery, full of facets just as a woman’s life. It is a great pleasure to introduce you Ginger, Malkina, Layla and other bad girls that make up the thematic inspirations of the new collection: Sparkling, Dressing Room and Bling Bling.