I Leggeri

Ragazza appoggiata ad una macchina rossa indossando degli occhiali verdi del brand Germano Gambini

I Leggeri Mini

Acetate models in bright colors for tiny faces.
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Due ragazze sorridenti in un diner americano che indossano gli occhiali da sole Germano Gambini

Germano Gambini Sun

Germano Gambini’s sunglasses collection stands out for its vibrant color palette, which captures attention with bold and eye-catching shades.

Archive iLeggeri

Across colors and design: iLeggeri archive

logo new Germano Gambini

Daring the less obvious color, exploring an unusual shape, feeling the pleasure to find your own style, or to change it radically. All this is Light: a technically perfect collection, made with attention to the smallest details, flawless synthesis of a refined and contemporary aesthetics.